Handling a New Season

Monday, 23 January 2012

The new season is right around the corner!  Stat Manager gives you a couple different ways to handle a new season.  The way you handle the new season depends on how much your team has changed and whether you would like to handle season-to-season or career stats.


Create New Game Type

The first way to handle a new season is to create a new game type.  The best case for using this strategy is if your team has little turnover or if you would like to keep career stats for your players.  For example, if you coach a travel team that keeps the same players year after year or you play year-round with the same players.  Creating a new game type allows you to filter by season, or choose to not use the filter and track career stats.  To create a new game type, open the Game Types window and add a new game type for the new season.  You can use multiple game types per season if preferred.


Copy Current File

The second way to handle a new season is to copy your current team file and modify the new file.  This strategy should be used if you want to keep career stats, but also want to separate the older stats.  This strategy can also be used if you have some turnover on your team and would like to keep the old team’s stats together, but also want to track career stats for players on your team.  For example, if you are getting ready to coach your second year in a 11-12 year-old league – half of your team will be new, but the other half is not.   This strategy will allow you to track 2 years of stats for your returning players but not have a file full of players no longer on your team – those players can always be looked up using the older file.


To apply this strategy, you will need to copy your team file.  To do this, open the file and go to File>Save As on the menu.  Save the file with a new file name.  You can now modify the new file.  If you want to remove players who are no longer on the team, you can delete them from the Players window.  Or if you want to keep your player information, but don’t want to keep the stats, you can delete the game data which will also delete the stats associated with the game.


Create New File

The third way to handle a new season is to create a new team file.  This strategy is best for if your team is completely different from the previous year with no player overlap.  For example, you recently switched from coaching from one league to another.  To do this, go to File>New on the menu to create a new team file.

Stat Manager 4.0 Preview

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Stat Manager 4.0 release is just around the corner.  We’d like to highlight some of the new features of the release as a preview.  Stay tuned to our site for more information and for the release!  Like previous versions of Stat Manager, version 4.0 will be a free upgrade for users of earlier versions.


Stat Manager Online Integration

The biggest feature of this release is the ability to work with Stat Manager Online.  Stat Manager Online allows you to backup your files online.  You will also be able to use Stat Manager Online to access your team’s information online and from your mobile device.  Stat Manager Online is a new service – for more information check out the Stat Manager Online website.


Stat Manager Online Website



Multiple Filter Selections

Stat Manager 4.0 has updated all of the stat filter screens so that multiple filter selections can be made at a time.  For example, if you want to gather stats from a particular player for 3 games during the season, you check which games you would like to filter the stats for and get the resulting report.  This allows you to have much more control over your team’s stats and reports and better flexibility in preparation.

Multiple Filter Selection


Report Updates

Several updates have been made to reports as well the additional of several new reports.  Each of these reports were created from user requests.  The first new report is a win/loss report that gives the score of each game.  The second report is a playing time report that breaks down the playing time for each player by position. 


Playing Time Report

Coming Soon – Stat Manager Mobile on Android

Sunday, 16 October 2011

We would like to give a quick preview of Stat Manager Mobile, our smartphone application that we are preparing to release for Android phones and tablets.  Stat Manager Mobile will be release in conjunction with our upcoming release of Stat Manager, slated for winter of 2011.  Stat Manager Mobile combined with the latest version of Stat Manager will allow you to store and access your team’s information from your Android device. 


Here’s a couple screenshots of the upcoming release:



The Stat Manager Mobile Splashscreen
The Player screen, giving details of a player
 The Team Screen, showing all options currently available

For more information, check out Stat Manager Online and signup to receive updates.