Stat Manager 3.0 Preview: Data Export

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Baseball Stat Manager version 3.0 allows coaches to export data from their team database into a comma separated value (CSV) file.  This format is a universal format that is read by almost all spreadsheet applications, including Microsoft Excel.  With this new feature, you can now take the information you’ve entered into Stat Manager and share that information with other applications.  You can export any of the information that has been entered into Stat Manager, from player rosters to game stats.   This allows you to share spreadsheets or information files with people who do not have Stat Manager or prefer their information in an Excel spreadsheet.


Exporting Data


Exporting data is simple.  Just access the new “Export Data” window, choose the information you would like to export and click the save button.  You will be prompted to save the CSV file onto your hard drive.  You can then open the CSV file in Excel or another spreadsheet application.  You can also email the file to share it with others involved with your team.