How to Collect Log Files

Occasionaly, Stat Manager support will ask you to collect advanced log files to help troubleshoot an issue with the Stat Manager software. The log data will collect general system information such as Stat Manager version, Windows version, available memory, installation and error logs, etc. Absolutely no personal information will be taken from your system in the log data. There is also an option to include the data from the currently opened team database file to help Stat Manager support deal with a potential issue in the database file.

Opening the Advanced Log Collector

To collect the advanced data logs, open the Options screen. You can access the Options Screen by doing one of the following:

  • Clicking the Tools>Options item on the menu bar
  • Clicking the Options button on the toolbar

Once the Options screen is opened, click on the 'Advanced' tab.

Baseball Stat Manager Advanced Log Collector

Collecting and Sending the Logs

Before collecting the log files, decide if you want to include your team's database file. If you are having what appears to be a database problem, Stat Manager support may request you include the database file when sending log files. To collect the database file, be sure to have the database file open that you would like collected and check the "Include current database file" checkbox.

Click the 'Collect Advanced Logs' button to gather the logs. Then, choose an easy-to-remember location to save the log file. It is recommended to use the Desktop. Once this is completed, open your email application and attach the log file that you just saved to an email to Stat Manager Support will analyze the log ' and respond with their analysis.