How to Print and Email Reports

With Baseball Stat Manager, you can create stat reports to email or print and share with your team. The first step to viewing, exporting or printer reports is choosing a report. Choose a report from the Report menu on the menu or toolbar. The first screen will allow you to choose filter parameter for the report. Once you choose the parameters, click the "View Report" button and the report will display

Baseball Stat Manager Print and Email Reports

Printing a Report

To print a report, first click the printer icon on the menu bar of the reports screen. Next choose the desired printer and set the options for the printer like paper size, output type and number of copies. Click the "Print" button and the report will print out.

Emailing a Report

To email a report, click the disk button and choose "Adobe PDF". You will then be prompted to save the file. Choose a location on your computer to save the file. Next, open up your email client, fill out the email addresses for your team as well as the email title and body. Attach the PDF file to the email and send it.