How to Enter Game Stats

To enter the results of the game, first choose which game to report using the Game drop-down list. The score of the game can then be entered into the Scoring section. The total score will automatically be tallied at the end of the scoring box.

Enter Player Results

Baseball Stat Manager Game Stat Entry

First, choose the player to enter results for using the Player drop-down list. To enter the information, just get the totals from the scorebook or scoresheet and copy these values into the boxes for each stat category. Only stats that need values are listed. Other stats, such as field goals and field goal percentage, are automatically calculated by Stat Manager. Your results are automatically saved when you switch players or exit the screen.

Enter Hit Placement Data

Baseball Stat Manager Hit Placement

Each batter's hit can be tracked using the hit placement tab. First choose the player you would like to track. Choose whether the hit was a fly or ground ball. Then, click the "Add Hit" button to add the hit to the hit placement chart.